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Services from a wide variety of medical fields

Women’s Health

We have expert female physicians that can look after all women’s health issues.

Minor Surgery

We have a lump and bump clinic that offers removal of sebaceous cysts, moles, and biopsies.

Laceration & Cuts

Suturing, dressings, and wound care.

Men’s Health

We have expert male physicians that can look after all men’s health issues

Minor Injuries

Scrapes, cuts, bruises and burns. We have you covered.

Flu Vaccines

Flu season? Not to worry. Our physicians will be offering flu shots to both adults and children.

IUD Birth Control

Our female physicians provide birth control counselling and IUD insertions.

Travel Clinic

We provide travel consults to our patients along with arrangements for any required vaccinations.


Our doctors can give intra-muscular, sub-cutaneous, joint injections, as well as allergy injections.

Annual Physicals

Our vision of preventative care is done by assessing your general health annually.


We are child-friendly. We offers routine well-baby check-ups and child healthcare services. Pediatricians are also available on site.

Pre & Post Natal Care

We offer pre-natal and post-natal care at our clinic. Our physicians can look after patients as late as 6-8 months into their pregnancy.

WCB Claims

We can help you file a Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) claim. When an injury happens at work, we’ll be here to assess and help through the recovery process.

Driver’s Medical

We perform drivers physicals in accordance with the regulations provided by the Alberta Ministry of Transportation. Our rates are competitive.

Pain & Foot Clinic

Our physicians are aware of the complex nature of pain and foot-related ailments. We apply a team-based approach to manage it.

Employment Medical

We give employment and insurance medical check-up services to our patients. Our rates are competitive.

Meet our Experienced Team

Dr. Asim Hussain

Principal Doctor

Dr.Hussain is a young ,enthusiastic ,motivated doctor who did his training as a General Physician from England. He moved to Alberta, Canada to provide his services. He is honest to his profession and loves what he does. He has very good communication skills and takes keen interest in his patients’ problems and tries to solve them so his patient can enjoy a healthy life style. His specializes in Orthopaedics, Pediatrics and Diabetics. He became a Doctor because of his parents. They knew that he has the qualities which are important to become a Good Doctor and their dreams come true. Good quality Patient care and satisfaction is Doctor Hussain’s Aim.

He believes in the motto

“Believe you can and you are half way there”